Elevator Services


Elevator maintenance is the key to keeping your elevators looking and running their best. Liftech provides the highest standard of elevator maintenance in the industry. We offer many preventative maintenance programs to meet your elevator requirements.


Modernization is the process of replacing outdated or unreliable equipment with the latest technology.

Elevator Modernizations are done for many reasons. Some of the most common are listed below:

  • Saving on energy costs: Replacing motor-generator sets with solid-state drives.
  • Reliable Controls: Replace relay logic controls with solid- state technology.
  • Quiet Operation: Replace worn door equipment and dated roller guides.
  • Improve performance: Advanced software improves elevator group dispatching.
  • Versatility: Customize your elevator system to fit building requirements.


Repair work is usually performed by two or more Liftech mechanics because of the nature of the work.

Some of the common repair jobs include:

  • Hoist rope replacement: Typically replaced to maintain a minimum safety factor.
  • Generator or Hoist Motor: Repair or replacement of equipment.
  • Hoist Machines: Repair or replacement of machine or machine components.
  • Hydraulic Pumps and Motors: Repair or replacement of equipment.


Liftech can customize a security system to meet the building's requirements. Common security installations include:

  • Security Key Pad on Car Operating Panel
  • Security Card Readers
  • Video Surveillance

Fire Services:

Fire Testing and Equipment Installation:

Liftech can perform all your fire service needs from monthly testing to fixing and maintaining your fire service equipment.

The most common requested services are:

  • Monthly Fire Service testing - Phase I and Phase II
  • Repair or Adjustment to Fire Service System


Liftech supports all types of microprocessor based elevator controllers.

Our solid-state specialists bring many years of experience in troubleshooting control and drive circuit boards.

We offer the most highly skilled troubleshooters to repair any system problem you may be experiencing.

Experience and skill are the key elements to repairing difficult elevator problems. Liftech offers many resources to quickly and efficiently restore your elevator system to operate at its best performance. If it can be fixed, we will find a way. Guaranteed!