Design the appearance of your elevators by our display of offered fixtures. Hundreds of design possibilities are available to fit the desired theme for your building.


Choose the controller that will best fit your elevator requirements. Versatility, Security, and Reliability are achieved by non-proprietary elevator controls offered by Motion Control Engineering.

Proven 12-Pulse Reliability

Flux-Vector Technology for AC

Top Performance for Prestige Projects

The Industry’s Top-Selling Hydraulic Controller

IMC-Digital, Highly Integrated Controls

Premium Elevator Performance

Field Programmable Controls for Value Priced Traction Elevator Performance

All controllers provided by:

Motion Control Engineering

A Non-Proprietary Elevator Controls Manufacturer

Designed from the ground up on next-generation technology, iControl is the revolutionary platform that outperforms today’s industry-standard controllers.



A detector edge is the safety device that prevents the doors from closing when someone or something is blocking the car doors’ travel. This device is mounted to the elevator car doors to create an invisible safety screen that will detect any object that would prevent the doors from closing. In the event someone or something disrupts the safety screen, the doors would immediately reopen.

Key Benefits:

  • Replace noisy and unsightly mechanical safety edges.
  • Increases safety factor of door operation.
  • Easy to maintain, more reliable than mechanical safety edges.



Solid State Starter – used to replace the mechanical starters used to run pump motors and generators.

Key Benefits:

  • Protects motors from single phasing and overload conditions.
  • More reliable- no moving parts.
  • Quiet operation- ramps current slowly to reduce electricity consumption.
  • Reduces strain on the motor



Solid State Steppers and Selectors are used to replace the mechanical steppers and selectors used in many types of elevator equipment.

Liftech offers the most popular and reliable electronic steppers and selectors available.

Key Benefits:

  • More reliable, less moving parts than mechanical units.
  • Better floor accuracy.
  • Less maintenance = Less downtime for servicing